About Us

Our Ethos

We founded our practice to support our clients by offering a trusting, committed and caring relationship and access to the most effective and evidence-based therapeutic and psychological services available. As our team has grown and flourished over time, we are now able to offer a wide range of specialist services including many different evidence-based therapies, and specialist assessment and consultation.

We understand that accessing mental health support can be a difficult and worrying decision. It may have taken a great deal of time and thought before entering into a search for the right support. We really want to make the experience as supportive and seamless as it can be for you. 

You may be asking yourself questions like: “What will my therapist look like?”; “How will they help me feel better and how long will it take?”; “How much will it cost me?”. While some of the answers to these questions can be found on our website, a call with our Practice Manager, or an initial consultation can give you the most information and help you decide whether you’d like to continue with therapy. 

At Serendipity Psychology we specialise in a range of therapies provided online and face-to-face or through a hybrid model of both to suit your needs. These include, but aren’t limited to:

A Team Approach

All members of our team are signed up to work in a team-focused way and are open to sharing their expertise and support each other. We believe in ensuring that all individuals we work with receive reflection space and consultation with specialist expertise in their field of difficulty. We are especially proud of this team-focused way of working, which can be unusual in many independent services. We believe it makes all the difference in the support we are able to offer our clients.

Bespoke Support

All members of our team draw from a number of evidence-based interventions and integrate them based upon the individual needs of our clients. This means the work you do is bespoke in nature and evolves in line with your needs. It will be reviewed regularly with you to ensure it's meeting your needs. It also means that we dedicate time to planning your time in advance to make sure each moment really makes a difference.

Other Clinical Services

Psychological Assessment

Our team of clinical psychologists have extensive experience and training in conducting a range of comprehensive clinical assessments. They use a range of methods to consider each client’s problems from a range of different perspectives to make sure they’ve understood things thoroughly. Some of these methods include:

Clinical assessment:

This means we would meet individually with you to discuss your circumstances and form recommendations based on your needs. We also offer more specialist forms of clinical assessment to explore particular conditions.

Some of the types of specialist clinical assessment we offer are:

* Neurodevelopmental assessment (for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). * Assessment for personality disorder (Borderline / Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder). * Cognitive assessment to assess IQ and cognitive functioning. * Adoption and Fostering Assessment to consider attachment difficulties. We also work with the Adoption Support Fund to do this. * Expert witness and medicolegal assessment.

* Neuropsychological assessment.

Psychometric assessment:

This means using structured, evidence-based clinical assessment measures to support our conclusions about what you may be having difficulties with.


Following initial clinical assessment, we are skilled in making sense of the problems you are facing and helping you understand what is causing your difficulties.

A Range of Specialist Services

  • Medicolegal and Expert Witness work


  • Support to children’s homes


  • Mother and baby unit consultation packages


  • Parenting consultation and support


  • Supervision for a range of professionals


  • Executive coaching for career development


  • Corporate services to develop staff teams

Online or Face-to-Face?

It can be difficult to consider whether to access therapy online or attend in person. Sometimes in-person sessions can feel important to feel a stronger connection to the professional you will be working with. For other people, the priority is being in the comfort of their own home, or saving on time because the demands of life mean there isn’t time for travel to access the right person to help. We are able to offer both face-to-face and online support, or a hybrid of both. 

We appreciate that those attending face-to-face sessions might want to have an idea of where they will be meeting. This is an example of one of our team’s consultation spaces. 

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