Associate onboarding, join the team!

Associate onboarding, come and join us!

We are always looking for like-minded, talented people to bring new perspectives to our team. If you feel aligned with our team’s values, we’d love to hear from you. Book a call with our practice manager here or drop us a line to enquire:

Our Values:

Our team at Serendipity are always welcoming of bright new minds to join us so we can share our wealth of skills, knowledge and experience, and invite you to share yours with us! We are especially keen to find new colleagues who share our core values of:

  • Equal access to mental health support. Regardless of the level of difficulty, we believe everyone should have the chance to access independent mental health support if they want to; our team just need to make sure those therapists providing the help are supported by our team.
  • The right to choose. Everyone should have the right to choose to access independent mental health support if they want to, and the treatment they receive should be at least as high quality as they would receive through the NHS.
  • Team work and collaborative care. All our clients should receive a team approach to their care. This might mean they have access to the support of other therapists in the team when they need it, or that their therapist has access to help within the team when they need some support to do the best they can by their clients. We also commit to working collaboratively with other agencies who are currently involved in the care of our clients, and to refer on to the agencies that might be helpful for our clients such as the NHS, independent mental or physical health services, or the local authority.
  • All team members have something equally valuable to offer. Our trainees and supervisors, psychologists, psychotherapists and occupational therapists alike; together we make a more effective service.
  • Client-led discharge. We believe that wherever possible out clients should be able to end a period of treatment and return at a later date for further help and support if they need or want it. Therapy can be a healthy workout for the brain and good for sustaining good mental health so it might be a lifestyle choice for some.

What do we ask of our associates? 

If you have therapeutic skills you feel could be an asset to us, we welcome you to reach out and get in touch.

We ask that you have in place:

  • Comprehensive Professional Indemnity and Civili Liability Insurance
  • A biography for promotional materials we release
  • Your CV
  • A recommendation letter from a previous/current supervisor or manager
  • Clinical supervisor details (we can help you source supervision if needed)
  • Membership to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)
  • An enhanced DBS within the last 3 years (we can support you to update it if required)
  • A completed application form
  • Evidence of qualifications and memberships to relevant professional bodies (i.e. HCPC / UKCP / BACP / BABCP )
  • The appropriate technology to support you in the associate role (i.e. a phone and computer)
  • We ask our team to offer a willingness to work with the equivalent of four clients a week as we have worked out that this covers the associated costs.
  • We ask that you are keen to be part of our team and bring your wealth of experience to share with us at peer supervision forums, CPD events, company meetings and team away days.
  • That you attend once monthly clinical supervision with an appropriate, qualified supervisor for the work you do with our team (we can help you source this within the team if needed).

We also have a number of capable and experienced assistant psychologists and trainee psychotherapists who are a part of our team and encourage you to reach out if you have an interest in joining us.

If you would be interested in joining our team at Serendipity, please reach out here to set up a brief call with our Practice Manager, or email us on:

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