The Benefits of Joining Serendipity Psychology as an Associate

What are the benefits of joining our team as an associate?

It can be a difficult decision to decide whether to join an associate company or whether to go it alone as both of these decisions have advantages and disadvantages. Our team have tried to overcome some of the difficulties we perceive with both of these options to find a balance between them. We asked our group of associates who set out the things they value as part of working with us and came up with the following advantages:


Strategic marketing: This means we develop marketing plans for the company as a whole and for individual associates within the company. To keep things interesting, we seek out diverse and varied referrals from a range of customers including:

  • Private individuals
  • Corporate and small start-up companies who want to promote good mental health within their company values
  • Local authorities
  • The Adoption Support Fund (ASF)
  • The NHS
  • Case management companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Schools (state-funded and independent) 
  • Mother and baby units 
  • Children’s homes

An informative website
: (design, hosting and regular additions): which also offers free resources and links for the public.

We create and oversee a range of ethical marketing initiatives including:

  • Blog posts
  • Letterbox campaigns 
  • Online directories
  • Social media
  • Advertising in local magazines 

We invest time into developing and maintaining relationships with clients
 who refer to us in many ways, for example, through inviting them to join training we offer within the company and offering free clinical consultation regarding the needs of clients they might have, even if this doesn’t result in referrals to our team. Meeting the needs of the client is our priority.  

Administration & Contracting

  • We triage every referral sent to us which is considered by two people for suitability before referring on to our team members.
  • We set up and confirm the referral with a client agreement, crisis agreement and baseline psychometrics. We secure payment for the first session in advance of the session for you. 
  • We setup more complex contracts on your behalf, submitting estimates and agreeing terms on your behalf in collaboration with you. 
  • We provide the practice management systems for you to access including IT support and setup for these systems. 
  • We manage GDPR compliance and information security. There is quick access to IT support as you require it and we manage this relationship for you. 

Fees & Finances

  • We take a standard and consistent percentage of your therapy fees so when we earn more, you earn more. We know our commission is lower than most associate companies.
  • We commission a professional bookkeeper and accountancy company to manage payment for associates on a monthly basis. We work to establish payment within one month of this and are 98% effective at this. We have a hierarchy of debt progression and will manage this to avoid it impacting on your relationship with your client.
  • We cover the cost of a clients’ first DNA appointment (appointments that are unattended without notice) with clients referred to you through Serendipity; you just have to let us know about it when it happens.
  • We pay on account up to the first 3 sessions where the company is registered as a ‘preferred provider’ (i.e. the local authority, case management companies, some insurance companies) so you get paid on time.

Team Collaboration

  • We meet for coffee and cake, host away days, use a Teams chat to support each other and arrange group peer supervisions.
  • We regularly donate to charity. A recent donation was to the Red Cross to support those in Turkey and Syria following the earthquake.
  • We host away days for our team to come together. In our last away day we mindfully made mandalas, and learned about Theraplay techniques and sensory integration (and had a lovely lunch).
  • We provide in-house CPD and pay our associates to provide this.
  • We offer a variety of cases and work. Several of our associates are working jointly on some cases and are funded for their time in consulting together.
  • We offer a team of strong and capable practitioners, all of whom have been introduced to the company by associates or practitioners we have previously worked with, so all members of our team have been recommended to us. The team are encouraged to work together to consult and share their diverse expertise and support as required.
  • We assign buddies to clients who have higher risk status so that no one therapist is alone in higher risk management. This means another clinician is there to support the client and the therapist as needed.  We also setup and support funded joint working in some cases that require extra help.

Quality Assurance

  • All assessment work we offer to our clients is quality assured through review with a second clinician. We offer templates and examples of reports to support you if you need it.
  • We host peer forums for reflection and peer supervision of complex cases within a team of practitioners from different professional and therapeutic backgrounds.
  • We audit our clinical records intermittently to ensure our associates are offering the best service.


  • We hold a directory of local rooms available for rent by associates and can support the introduction and setup of these rooms. This doesn’t bring profit to the company.
  • We hold a range of resources freely available to associates to borrow including several psychometric measures and test kits.
  • We create and manage a kitbag of policies and procedures on behalf of associates which have been formed in collaboration with a professional coaching company.
  • We provide a fully GDPR-compliant system for associate use that regularly updates and stores to prevent loss of records, as well as ensuring secure record storage.

Profit Reinvestment

  • Much of our profit is reinvested into a wide range of resources based on the feedback of our team, including CPD forums, training days, away days and multidisciplinary peer forums
  • We invest in a lower fee service which is supervised by a clinical psychologist and enables us to contribute both to clients on lower incomes and also to the development of therapists in training
  • As previously mentioned, we donate to charity regularly.
  • We offer free supervision to those who offer 10 or more hours of their time per week to our team, and aim to decrease this to 8 hours in 2023. We pay the associates within our team to deliver supervision if they are interested in being part of this support function.


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