Care Pathways

Care Pathways

Serendipity Psychology offers a range of services for those experiencing psychological difficulties or who may be neurodivergent (with autistic spectrum or attention deficit conditions; ASD / ADHD). Our group of associates believes in supporting our clients throughout their journey from initial assessment, throughout their therapy and onto discharge.

We feel this doesn’t just mean offering an appropriate therapeutic intervention but may also mean completing assessments and presenting you with a formulation (an understanding of what’s causing your unique set of difficulties), suggesting appropriate diagnosis if you want to explore this, and to make some treatment recommendations. Consent permitting, we also want to support the people around you to understand what’s going on so they can make sense of it and support you better. Supporters may include other healthcare professionals, educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities, employers, or friends and family members. With your agreement, we like to help you to consider ways to draw together your support networks to ensure that communication is joined up. We also like to offer a plan for your recovery. We call this joined-up, planned way of working ‘a pathway model’.

When you are referred to a pathway, you will be invited to collaborate on forming a goal, plan and direction for your intervention from the outset. Our specialists have worked together to share their expertise and knowledge in these areas of mental health to inform these pathways with the aim of ensuring we are offering the most nationally recommended and evidenced support throughout your path towards recovery.

We are always developing and building our specialist pathways, but some of the pathways we have put together so far include the following:

1) Perinatal Mental Health 

2) Trauma & Complex Needs

3) Clinical Neuropsychology 

4) Attachment & Developmental Trauma

5) Corporate Psychology, Staff Needs & Employee Assistance

6) Neurodevelopmental / Neurodivergence pathway: Assessment & Intervention for ASD & ADHD

7) Expert, Medicolegal & Personal Injury Services

8) General Mental Health

9) Child & Adolescent Mental Health 

10) Low Fee Services

For further information about accessing any of these pathways, please get in touch.

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