Couples Therapy

What is Couples Therapy?

In effective couples therapy, also known as couples counselling, a couple works with a therapist to facilitate positive change in their relationship. The aim of couples therapy is not necessary to resolve the issues of the couple but, more importantly, to help them recognise the unhelpful or destructive patterns of relating with each other that may cause or contribute to the difficulties in their relationship. 

Some couples might go to therapy with the goal of improving their relationship, and others might seek therapy in order to consider a decision to separate. Some couples may not yet know what they want and may be hoping to explore both of these options together.

Some of the difficulties couples might encounter that would suggest couples therapy could be helpful for them might include the following:

  • Difficulties with communication (for example, an absence of communication or frequent and cyclical or repetitive arguments)

  • Sexual problems

  • Difficulties with trust and suspiciousness

It is likely that couples therapy will require an element of work outside the therapy sessions in order to make the most of the therapy, and suggestions about this would be guided by the therapist. The therapy can be held over a brief period of sessions that can help to address specific difficulties within the relationship, or it could be longer-term if there are a number of issues to work on and patterns to break within the relationship.

After an initial consultation and assessment, the therapist will make some suggestions about what could be beneficial and indicate a plan of therapy that might help the couple to progress. This plan would be reviewed on an ongoing basis between the therapist and the couple. It is likely that an exploration of both individuals’ past history and early developmental experience will be helpful as a part of couples therapy to consider how this may be impacting on the couple and the way they interact and relate to one another.

Couples therapy is offered via face-to-face or online therapy, either in combination or as standalone modes of therapy.

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