Dr Nicola Griffiths

Clinical Psychologist

Hi I’m Nicola. I believe that psychology at it’s best creates a safe supportive space to be listened to, develop a shared understanding and out of that find solutions and approaches that really work – that’s what I strive to achieve!

I have the psychology knowledge, you have all the inside info – together we have the answers! 

  • Senior Clinical Psychologist at specialist mental health charity working on inpatient wards with people living with complex neurological difficulties. 
  • Private individual work with people experiencing, depression, anxiety, work stress, loss, complex trauma and PTSD.
  • Specialist Doctoral placement supporting military veterans experiencing PTSD
  • Doctoral NHS placements in community adult mental health, older adult mental health (inpatient and community), community child and adolescent mental health and community learning disability services. 

My approach is to work collaboratively, putting your experiences, interests, strengths and values right at the centre of the therapeutic process.  I work in an integrative way, weaving together a range of models to create a personalised approach that aims to fit to you rather than the other way around. 


It sounds like a cliché to say I got into psychology to help people but I’m afraid it’s true! My favourite part of my role is when someone comes into the session and proudly tells me how they have progressed in the week, or when I walk onto a ward to be told how well a patient is doing. I enjoy working with people to understand and find solutions to the problems they face. 

Being a bit of a brain geek I have always been interested in how biological, psychological and social factors come together to form who we are. My initial degree was in Psychology with Neuroscience and I followed this interest through into my current role working part time on a neuropsychology inpatient ward. I continue building on my interest in this area and am currently working towards a post doctoral masters in Neuropsychology at the University of Glasgow

Additional Training

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