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Seeking new members of our team!

Serendipity Psychology are seeking more associate therapists to join our lovely team of supportive and friendly practitioners. We are looking to open our arms and welcome any new associates who would like to come on board and work with us.

Serendipity is a successful team of associates working across the UK. We are based in Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire but also have associates from many other areas of the UK including Brighton and London. Our associate model is based on social enterprise principles where the goal for our company profits is to reinvest them in the associates working with the company and to extend our support of the local community and less privileged groups.

We are interested in expressions of interest from all qualified psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists. We would love to hear from Clinical Psychologists, DBT Therapists, CBT Therapists, EMDR Practitioners, Psychotherapists and those with experience of working with child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS), including attachment and trauma-related difficulties. If you are interested in joining a team of accepting and supportive associates we would be really keen to hear from you.

We are also always looking to extend our pool of excellent and experienced Assistant Psychologists who may be interested in working with us as associates. We ask that they have a minimum of one year’s experience as an Assistant or equivalent position and excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Take a read through more of our company information below and if you would like to discuss anything further, please don’t hesitate to call.

Our company values are:

Fairness: To operate fairly and transparently, ensuring our associates receive a proportionate fee for the valuable work they do, taking only what the company needs to maintain and develop itself.

Respect: To respect the skills and expertise of all of our associates no matter how junior or senior, understanding the relative skillset of each individual. We find respecting everyone equally, generally means they feel more confident and capable within their role.

To flatten the hierarchy: In line with the value of respect, we also aspire to keep the hierarchy within the company as flat as possible. We want all associates, newly qualified or extensively experienced, to feel confident to offer their support and expertise to everyone else. This includes being able to teach others as well as accept that everyone has something to teach everyone else.

Equity: To ensure each associate receives the same renumeration as every other associate, and as much support as they need. We also strive to divide client referrals equally between associates and will think about the individual skillset of each associate and their development needs in the referrals we introduce to them.

Equal access to development opportunities: We want all our associates to be offered support to expand their expertise and confidence in working with a range of clients in both general mental health and in more specialist areas. This may include therapeutic expertise but also assessment and other areas. As such, we support the sharing of knowledge and expertise within the company.

Flexibility: We recognise that many of our associates choose to continue work in organisations such as the NHS when working independently. This can mean that they require flexibility in the number of sessions they take on. We also recognise that life happens; we strive to be able to support this as it occurs.

Our long-term aspirations are:

To offer monthly online group supervision and support open to all associates;

To offer a schedule of in-house CPD for our associates;

To offer in-house individual supervision to all associates;

To offer a number of consultations each month to less privileged groups free of charge while still being able to pay our associates.

What you’ll need to join us?

We welcome any professional who supports our values and is qualified in a form of evidence-based therapy to make contact with us, including other psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists who are registered with core professional bodies such as the HCPC, BPS, UKCP and the BACP.

On getting in touch with us, we will ask to have a conversation about your background and the skills you have to bring to the work. We will ask you to make an application to join us and if you are successful, we would ask for evidence of your professional registrations, your qualifications, a recent DBS and evidence of your indemnity insurance and registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

What do we ask of you?

We ask new associates to be able to offer a three sessions per week to clients referred by the company.

That every associate is prepared to support other associates in the company with the sharing of their professional advice and expertise.

We don’t ask associates to be exclusive to the company and fully recognise that they may also work independently of the company.

If you’d like to enquire further about working with us, please do get in touch. 

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