Maternal, Paternal, Perinatal & Antenatal Mental Health

Maternal, Paternal, Perinatal & Antenatal Mental Health

Our maternal, paternal, perinatal and antenatal mental health pathway supports parents throughout every stage of becoming a parent. We work with individuals from as early as their first thoughts about becoming a parent, throughout their conception and pregnancy journey, to birth and postnatal support. Presenting issues that might benefit from referral to clinicians offering therapy within this pathway include:

  • Confusion and uncertainty about whether you would like to have children
  • Fears and phobias about conceiving
  • Fertility and conception difficulties (including miscarriage, grief and bereavement)
  • Termination for medical reasons
  • Pregnancy difficulties and fear of childbirth (Tokophobia)
  • Needle phobia
  • Birth trauma
  • Neonatal care
  • Postnatal support (including postnatal depression, attachment support, consultation on effective parenting strategies and managing parental guilt, i.e. ‘mum guilt’)

We also have several therapists who specialise in foster care and adoption. This is where this pathway can cross over into our Attachment and Developmental Trauma pathway.

We consider all the areas above to include all birthing people and their partners.

Our therapists support parents both antenatally and postnatally, with expertise in:

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