Psychological Therapy with Serendipity Psychology

What is a Psychologist?

Psychologists are highly trained and experienced mental health professionals. They are most often trained to doctoral level and have several years of practice-based training and education in psychology. As such, they are able to provide psychological therapy to a wide variety of presentations and client needs including a range of populations including individuals, couplesfamilies and groups at the organisational and community level. They will have experience and training in working in both specialist and general services and across a variety of settings including in-patient and community, primary, secondary and tertiary care and with all age groups and presentations including adult mental health and with children and young people.

There are a number of competencies a psychologist would be expected to achieve in order to become a psychologist, including:

  • Assessment
  • Formulation
  • Intervention
  • Evaluation
  • Research
  • Communication and teaching
  • Leadership

They would also be required to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as Practitioner Psychologists.

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy, and psychology?

Generally speaking, psychologists are trained at a higher level and are able to fulfil a wider variety of functions to other talking therapists, including specialist assessment and evaluation. More information on the differences between the different mental health professions can be found on our FAQ’s page.

Why would you seek a psychological intervention?

There are a vast number of reasons why people seek help from a psychologist including: to access a specialist assessment of their problems; to receive a particular type of therapy or intervention that might help them solve a psychological problem, or many problems they are having; to gain an expert opinion for a legal case; to develop yourself professionally and personally through mentoring and executive coaching; to access some consultation or training in relation to specific mental health difficulties; or even at an organisational level, to consult over how to improve the culture of an organisation or company and the delivery of services.

How can I access a psychologist’s support through Serendipity?

At Serendipity Psychology we have tried to make psychological therapy as accessible as possible and so we offer online sessions as well as phone and face-to-face consultations. We are able to offer consultations for a number of different issues including anxiety, depression, loss, trauma and more complex mental health difficulties. Our psychologists are also able to offer a range of specialist interventions including specialist assessment, professional coaching and support, and organisational consultation.

Whatever it is that has encouraged you to visit this site or to look more into psychologist consultation, we are here to support you and help you with your needs.

Here at Serendipity Psychology, we understand that before booking your session you may want to learn more about our Psychologists and their qualifications, which is why each associate working with us has a detailed profile on the website which can be found linked below:

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